Feature slot in online casino

Most visitors, of course, are outside working hours, weekends and holidays. Then the slot phases change more quickly, even in high-latitis slots. Accordingly, the probability of the jackpot falling out increases, but also decreases the chances that it will fall just for you, just because of the number of players. It’s the same with smaller, […]

The online casino dispute

In the event of a bet or winnings dispute, our decision will be final and will take precedence. In this case, in my opinion, the rule is quite adequate, but provided that their decision is based on information from the game developer. In reality, there are a number of casinos, which only claim the alleged […]

Online casino bonuses

The casino reserves the right to withhold, reject, cancel payments or winnings if we suspect that you are abusing bonuses, various promotions or the rules of the game. What does this rule mean? The fact that at the deposit stage no one limits you in receiving bonuses, get and lose. But if you win, you […]