The whole truth about the casino's croupier work

Sometimes you were lucky. They came out of a debt bog and then… kept playing.

Player changes
If you observe a man during a game, you can see how he changes literally before your eyes. He does not control himself and does not see the croupier dressed in uniform as a person who can judge or think badly. The player doesn’t care.

The casino’s VIP clients and extra service
The content is very dependent on the level of the casino. Some gambling houses, which have received a high status, do not pay attention to a large number of visitors, and are aimed at certain guests – the noble persons and owners of large businesses, which in one evening can lose as many as a hundred ordinary customers.

Such a person – VIP-person – can be provided with a separate room where he can play as long as he wishes. He will be served and brought by a dealer that he likes. Everything will be done for a rich client, and the price – everything that he loses.

The whole truth about the casino's croupier work

Casino owners like the fact that wealthy people are not afraid to lose a lot, because he has a lot more left and with this money he will also be willing to play.
About 10-15 years ago, with full confidence, it could be said that the casino will also provide an excursion service. Some gambling houses are still doing it today. But only for serious guests, for VIP-visitors.

No one will do so that a casino customer comes, leaves a lot of money and if he wanted to order a girlfriend, then suddenly everyone became chaste and refused him. That’s not gonna happen. Of course, he will be given everything of the highest order.

The girl who has worked as a croupier for several years confidently declares that the deception in the casino is the biggest mistake now.

There is no cheating in the casino at the moment, because: now all games are controlled by cameras, inspectors of commissions and regulatory bodies that monitor the game.

Even the guests themselves check the work of the gambling house. After all, the visitor is also able to learn more about the rules of the game and keep an eye on it.

On a long distance casinos always win, because even if one table won $30 thousand, on five other tables lost $130 thousand.

The casino is even interested in making the visitor very lucky. Then he will remember the success, how he easily got a decent amount of money, will consider this place a fish, that he is lucky there and will start to go there all the time. And still, even with a few unsuccessful evenings, the first impression of how he won – for a long time will hit the memory. He will not even calculate that in the following days there lost not only that win, but also a larger amount.

Casino earns from House Edge and this is detailed in the article about the permanent share of the gambling establishment.
Croupier appearance, fines and staff attitudes
The way the casino worker looks is given special attention. You have to watch yourself very closely, because he, including his hands, is the face of the place.

Appearance is important.
⚠Штраф for the wrong color of croupier girl’s nail polish is typical. Even if she came with a shiny cherry, and you only need a red color – this is already considered a violation of internal rules.

The croupier may be fined for an error in paying the winnings. If he overpaid the guest and it was captured by cameras and noticed by the inspector, the minimum penalty is $10. A more serious joint – the amount is higher or the severity of the penalty. For example, rudeness to a guest can result in a casino employee being fired.