The online casino dispute

In the event of a bet or winnings dispute, our decision will be final and will take precedence.

In this case, in my opinion, the rule is quite adequate, but provided that their decision is based on information from the game developer. In reality, there are a number of casinos, which only claim the alleged information on their server and without providing any evidence (and even more so requests the developer of the game), make a “final decision”, which, given this rule, will not appeal. Unfortunately, it is not possible to check the “behavior” of the casino in this situation in advance, so I would recommend to pay attention to the “other” rules, and if they are mostly honest, then pay attention to this point is not necessary and the casino is likely to be dealt with quite “honestly”. If the rules and conditions of the casino have a lot of pitfalls, there may be problems with this rule as well.

The online casino dispute

Any winnings obtained in an unfair manner will be considered fraudulent and invalid.

Of course, the casino must be insured from dishonest players, but it is worth understanding that by dishonest ways, if they are not specified, you can understand quite a lot of “strategies”, such as playing slots with low dispersion, “betting hikes” and much more, you can recognize the strategy, although as such, the strategy in the slots is almost non-existent, which means that dishonest casinos can qualify almost any game as fraudulent and under the pretext of “take” the winnings from virtually any player. In this case, it is worth paying attention to the other rules and conditions, promotions and reputation of the casino (reviews on forums), as the rule itself is not fraudulent, but it can well be abused.

In all categories of casinos there are lists of inaccessible (prohibited) games when playing with active bonus. This includes a very extensive list of slots and often board and live games. In the casino without hidden traps, there are automatically limiters to enter the “forbidden” games, which will not allow you not only to make a bet there, but even enter it. In “fraudulent” casinos, there are no such restrictions, and you can easily enter such a game, make bets there, during the commission of which no one will inform you about the “violation” of the rules. If you lose in such games, nobody will tell you anything, but if you win, 99% of your winnings will be fully confiscated, even if you made only one bet in such a game, and even if it was a loss and in fact did not affect the final result of the game. This is a great and very often used casino reason not to pay the winnings. Remember that there are very few casinos that are adequate and loyal to this violation!!! Finding information about the presence of automatic limiters in the rules is not possible and often, to find out about the presence of automatic limiters can only be in the support department, or experimentally (try to enter a prohibited slot, but in no case do not bet in it!).
There are also restrictions on the maximum bet when playing with active bonus, the size of which is specified in the “bonus rules”. Often it ranges from 200-300 rubles. The situation here is similar to the previous paragraph, ie, in a number of casinos there are automatic bet limiters, which will not allow you to make a bet higher than allowed. In fraudulent casinos, such limiters do not exist, which allows you to easily exceed the size of the allowed bet and break the rules, which entails the confiscation of all the winnings, even if you made only one bet, and the loss and did not affect the final result of the game. There are very few loyal casinos that adequately deal with breaking this rule, and in the rare situations where, for example, only a few bets have been placed that have not resulted in a large winnings, as reported to the casino support team, the casino “turns a blind eye” and does not apply confiscation of winnings. Most of the time, however, it usually ends with the confiscation of winnings, even in the case of a wrong bet and reported to the casino support service. This is one of the very common ways casinos do not pay large winnings to their players, and there have even been situations in which in very large, and seemingly top casinos, a player has been violated, reported to the Sapport, he was told that the violation will not be counted, but after winning a large amount, the casinos sharply revised their policy and confiscated the money. Be vigilant and careful when making bets, in casinos without automatic limiters, which can be found in the casino support service.