Online casino bonuses

The casino reserves the right to withhold, reject, cancel payments or winnings if we suspect that you are abusing bonuses, various promotions or the rules of the game.

What does this rule mean? The fact that at the deposit stage no one limits you in receiving bonuses, get and lose. But if you win, you may find that you have received more than what you should and your account is confiscated. In honest casinos, too, there are restrictions on bonuses received, but at the same time, you are previously notified of the excess ratio of bonuses received to perfect deposits and disconnected from the bonus program. In a casino with a similar rule, you should be extremely careful, or refuse to play at such a casino.

Online casino bonuses

If a user or a group of users are found to be abusing the bonus casino shares, the casino reserves the right to confiscate the winnings and close the account.

If a player abuses the bonuses, the casino has the right to take action against such player, namely: delete, cancel all existing bonuses and bonus winnings; immediately block the player’s account.

We reserve the right to suspend, revoke or cancel any payment or winnings related to bonus money received from the Company (points, bonuses, etc.) if we suspect that you are attempting to abuse them. As well as in case of using any strategy or strategies with the purpose of guaranteed earning, with or without bonus rewards.

In this case, I do not consider such rules to be entirely fair, as:

A player (beginner) may not understand the difference between a slot with low and high dispersion.
High stakes in slots with high variance are very risky and the probability of winning is not high, as the player’s risk is much higher than that of the casino.
What prevents low-diversivity slots from being added to the list of banned slots? Nothing! But you can play anywhere (you can lose money in slots with high, even in slots with low dispersion), but when you win, you will be convicted of various strategies.
Why can’t a player get the maximum bonus? The casino itself has set the maximum bonus offer, and the player can choose the size of the deposit. In that case, the question is, how much can you take, no matter what you are considered a cheater?
Quite an adequate ratio of 50%, but there is one thing. Not infrequently, casinos, where managers (at the stage of loss) give very high bonuses (individually), in which this value can be much higher. If you win, it may remember and make a confiscation, so when receiving such bonuses, it is worth asking the manager to confirm that if you win, the casino will not refer to this paragraph of the rules.
Accused of the application of strategies can be at the game without the participation of bonus funds, so refuse the bonus, not a panacea.