Valley - betting has proven itself when playing at high odds.
Valley – betting has proven itself when playing at high odds.

Choosing odds in bets is not an easy task. Over time, the player will be able to independently determine all the nuances of bookmakers. However, at the very beginning of the journey, it will be incredibly difficult for the player to decide on the choice of the coefficient. SuperAposta – Online Sports Betting, easy and safe!

Odds classification:

  • Low – such factors are considered to be values ​​from 1.01 to 1.3. Such odds are usually used in express bets.
  • Average – values ​​from 1.3 to 3.5. Often, odds falling into this category are found in draws or in fights with equal opponents.
  • High – values ​​over 3.5. High stakes are popular among gamblers who bet on outspoken outsiders in the hope of a sensational result, which is not uncommon in the world of sports.

The most important factor that significantly affects the level of the coefficient is the margin percentage, which is set by the operator in the bookmaker’s lines. High margins mean low odds. Also, the player will need to choose a strategy for playing on certain digital values.

For example, a strategy such as the Ladder is suitable for any of the considered types of coefficients. The Shchukin or Dogon method, as a rule, is advisable to apply for small coefficients. Valley – betting has proven itself when playing at high odds. The basis of this system is a thorough analysis of potentially sensational fights, such as a draw in a basketball game or a victory of a hopeless outsider in a football match. You can bet on your favorite sports games and make a profit on this site .

In fact, such sensations in sports are quite common. There are sports on which you can bet with a decent odds in Live mode: tennis, table tennis, volleyball and hockey. But most sports are good for line betting.

Optimal coefficients.

If you decide to learn how to make money on sports betting, be patient and get ready for hard and exhausting work. It is not uncommon for bookmakers to manipulate their lines, and new inexperienced players come across them.

Let’s take an example, the football match Barcelona – Getafe. Here the Catalan club is rightfully considered the unconditional favorite, which is confirmed by the coefficient 1.3. During the day, the odds for the win of Barcelona are reduced to 1.15, in which case the newcomer to the world of betting places a large sum of money on the Victory of Barcelona or includes this outcome in the accumulator.

The fight ends in a draw 1: 1. What caused the drop in the odds on winning Barcelona? The bookmaker’s analysts were definitely not involved in this, deciding that the chances of Barça’s victory increased significantly. It just turned out to be an elementary “load” line, in which most of the players bet on Barcelona to win.

The coefficient must be chosen reasonably, using your own forecast. There are also programs on the Internet for calculating the possible outcome of a fight, but such programs are very dubious.


The main recommendation: for a competent approach to the game in a bookmaker’s office, you must have an impressive game bank. It is better to divide the bank into three equal parts and place bets on different types of odds for several months. It is important to keep statistics on all bets made. This method can be used to determine which type of odds is more effective in a long game.