Croupier's profession costs

And during working hours, stressful conditions are an integral part of the croupier’s profession and must be used to them. It certainly hardens the character, but not everyone is able to psychologically cope with some situations, which occur regularly and sometimes within 12 hours of shift.

You have to resist the pressure in the team from more experienced employees or tolerate roughness from visitors.

For example, a player who loses a lot of money at a card table or roulette can easily give the dealer the last words. Throughout the failed game will remember the parents of the croupier, will not hide their fantasies, what he does with them and far from literary form.🤬 This is relevant both for low-status gambling establishments, and vice versa, reputable gambling houses, where the guest is allowed almost everything. Thus, if the round is unfavorable for him, he can easily run a croupier cigarette butts.

Croupier's profession costs

“Brothers” from the dashing times.
In modern times, all this is gradually disappearing into the past, becoming a relic of the 90s. But it’s just the casino visitors that actively arranged their business in those dashing years and become a serious challenge for the casino representatives. Such people do not change. In their lives, there were many difficult and dangerous moments that influenced the stereotype that the croupier can say anything.

Stop counting how much you take from customers in favor of the gambling room helped the beginner croupier and his hands eventually stopped shaking. Still, lost money is a problem for those who play at the casino.

Losing a player is his problem.
Among the clients of gambling establishments is really a significant part of just gambling patients. They were losing family, job, business. These people began to live off the turnover of the money they lost or won again at the casino. From losing, getting into debt, to winning, to winning again, everything in the game is unlucky.

For the croupier casino is not uncommon, when a single flight of the ball is removed about 100 thousand dollars. 30 seconds for which the roulette ball goes from trackball to the cell with the number and $100 thousand the player no longer has – they belong to the casino.