Casino operations

It is highly recommended to deposit money to your gambling site account using the payment system you are going to withdraw. And that the details were in your name, as verification of personal data – a common thing in online casinos. Specify someone else’s name or information – is to create the possibility of losing your winnings, as you will not be able to pass the verification procedure.

One more important advice: when you put money on withdrawal, wait and do not cancel the application. In the casino it is often practiced to delay the payment a little. For example, the regulations say up to 3 working days and you will wait three days before the transfer of funds. This is usually done so that the player will return to the casino, cancel the application, continue the game and lose all funds. Therefore, it is prudent to be patient and if you want to play, then make a small deposit in another institution and check your luck there. Or to pause in the game. Perhaps it will be the most correct choice, which will save money and leave you in the plus.

Casino operations

Drinking a beer or something stronger – is quite acceptable during gambling, as it is above all a period of rest and relaxation. But excessive consumption in two accounts can lead to the commission of reckless and too risky bets, which, in turn, will entail a desire to win back with confidence on the success and transfer to the casino of funds that were not planned to play at all.

Therefore, if you have planned to spend time on the gaming site and you doubt that you can correctly calculate the amount of drinks, and then control your behavior, then try to make inaccessible finances that would not want to lose. Give it to your wife, mother, friend, brother. Anyone you’re sure of. Then you’ll know how right you are.

the casino has certain rules that aren’t exactly convenient for you. They are ordinary gambling industry workers, whose task is to help you orientate yourself in the institution, give a hint and answers to emerging questions. They are not developers of software and do not set the rules.

If you will communicate normally and politely with the sapport, even if you are defeated, it is quite possible that you can even get more information about the ongoing promotions and loyalty programs or get an additional consolation bonus.
Unfortunately, not an exception and cases of inadequate sapport-like behavior in the casino. Then it is best to report about it on the forum in the relevant topic reviews of the casino, so that other players were warned about the inappropriate behavior of the representative. Sometimes this allows you to learn about inappropriate dialogues to the higher management of the institution and the person in the support service is changed to more friendly, communicative and balanced.